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    The mission of Frazee Elementary School is to provide quality research based instruction in an environment which is safe, harmonious,
    and conducive to learning that enables a diverse population to become independent, productive citizens, and lifelong learners.


  • Awards Program

     2nd 9 Weeks Awards Program


    Friday, January 18, 2019



    KG-2 Grade 9:30 a.m.



    3-6 Grade 1:30 p.m.


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  • Frazee Upcoming Events

    January 18 9wks Awards Program

    KG-2 9:30

    3-6 1:30

    January 21

    Martin Luther King Day

    School in Session

    January 29

    6th Grade Field Trip

    Ivy Tech /IU East

    January 30

    5th Grade Field Trip






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Frazee Insiders of the Month 2019
  • January 2019 Frazee Insider

                                          Should We Have Classroom Pets?

                                                         By Claire B.

                 Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a class pet? If it’s math, science, geography, or even grammar you can learn with a classroom pet. Studies show, that if you have a class pet it increases students’ attendance because they want to see the class pet. Also, it is a good way to show responsibility for caring and feeding the pet. I think that our class should have a classroom pet.

                   One reason why pets should be in classes is that it increases students responsibility. Studies show, that classes with pets increases students focus more in class. Also, the student will have better behavior because they might be able to take the pet home over the weekend. If there is a student who is lonely they can make a friend talking about the pet.

                    The second reason why I think pets should be in class is that it provides new ways to learn. If it’s math; How much does a guinea pig weigh in ounces? Or science; What does a diet of a fish consist of? It could be geography; What part of the world do bunnies come from? Or even grammar; What adjectives can you use to describe a turtle? Classroom pets can make learning any subject more fun.

                      Some people might say that having a classroom pet is distracting and student will not focus on their work, but some classroom pets are actually a great way to get your work done. Studies show, that having a classroom pet will increase the students learning. This happens by having research and questions asked about the pet. Classroom pets are just a great way to learn and focus.

                      You're back to the classroom, but this time you have your classroom pet. You know that you will be good from now on because you might have a chance to bring the pet home over the weekend. Also you are becoming smarter because you are understanding your work being taught with a classroom pet. So, sit back and focus, you could have a classroom pet one day.

  • January Frazee Insiders

    Listening to Music in Class

    Written By:  Rylee G.

       Do you like music? I like being able to listen to my music. Music can help some people focus on the things that they need to do. Students won’t talk to their friends as much while listening to their music. If you put headphones on while listening to music no one else would be able to hear your music. You should be able to listen to your own music in class.

      Being able to listen to your own music during class can improve the focus in class. Nancy Barile an award winning teacher says that listening to music can help some students concentrate. So if we are able to listen to our own music, on our own will, we would have more students focusing on the task at hand. There is also a long going debate on whether students should be able to listen to their own music. Of all the people who voted, at debate.com, 85% of people voted that we should be able to listen to our own music in class. Saying that the majority of people says that we should be able to listen to our own music in class. Overall more students would pay attention in class if we can listen to our own music in class.

      Students who listen to music in class with headphones on usually tend to be quieter. A teacher who decided to let their students listen to their own music said that they were much quieter while working and talked less amongst their friends. The reason was that they were less distracted by peers and and continued working while listened to music. A senior student in high school said while listening to music all other distractions just fall away and he works quietly. In saying that listening to music helped him and his classmates be quieter. The majority of students quiet down and focus more on their work rather than what another student might be saying.

      Some people say that some students don't focus while listening to music because they are to distracted by the sound. If students listen to music with headphones no one else will be able to hear it. While studying 53% of students saw listening to music helped them. Therefore music has helped in academic situations.

      I bet you're one of the 97-95% of people who enjoy music. Therefore you probably want to listen to music in class in which helps you focus. A solution would be plugging your headphones into your ipad and listen away. Listening to music in class can however help students in many ways.