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      Mrs. Fuller's 3rd graders are ready to "Tackle the Test! ISTEP 0, Frazee 90! Champions = Frazee!

Spotlight on Learning

Breanna is filling out a Chartwells                                                                                                         Raegan,Mallory,Taylor,Ryonna
Survey with her class                                                                                                                               and Jasmine enjoy their weekly
                                                 .                                                                                                                  "Girls Group" time with Miss 
                                                                                                                                                                     Sinkhorn and Mrs. Hickman.
Spotlight on Learning

Third grader, Alexis is practicing                                                           Our wonderful volunteer, Mrs. Leiter,
             D'Nealian cursive writing                                                                 helps Avah use her reading strategies
       Kindergarteners, Vidalia and Kinley 
          are waiting their turn to play Sparkle 
         to practice their sight words.



Spotlight on Learning

Miss Pelsor's 1st graders are  inferring using the text "Fireflies".



Spotlight on Learning

Frazee kindergartner, Gavin is highlighting long          Miss SInkhorn teaches 4th graders how to solve 
             vowel words in the book he is reading                              conflicts using resolutions!


      Frazee Kindergarten students, Shelby and            Kindergarten Student, Auryona, is focused on her
Izabella, practice sight words during                                      completing her Lexia Lesson  
reading centers.

Spotlight on Learning

Miss Pelsor’s first graders participate in many math activities on the 100 day of school

Spotlight on Learning

Frazee 1st graders are doing a great job
inferring using poetry in Miss Pelsor’s class!


Spotlight on Learning

Miss Nibarger's fourth graders participate in a Reader's Theater
about the French and Indian War at Frazee on Friday.
 A great way to learn about history during reading

Spotlight on Learning

Mrs. Riebsomer conferences with Londyn
about a story she is working on.

Spotlight on Learning

Second grader, Adora, used her Falcon tickets to be a guest reader
for Mrs. Riebsomer’s class. She read the “Kissing Hand”,
by Audrey Penn, to the class.

Spotlight on Learning

Frazee 1st graders studied soil in Science class.


Meet the Cast and Crew
  • Miss Whitmore's Class

  • Mr. Newkirk's Class

  • Mrs. Smith's Class

  • Mrs. Shute's Class

  • Mrs. Gaines' Class

  • Mrs. Fuller's Class

  • Mrs. Hobb's Class

  • Mrs. Riebsomer's Class

  • Miss Corum's Class

  • Miss Nibarger's Class

  • Mr. Sanchez's Class

  • Mrs. Judd's Class

  • Miss Pelsor's Class

  • Mr. Thompson

  • Mrs. Smith

  • Mrs. Miller

  • Mrs. Hendrickson

  • Miss Corum

  • Miss Pelsor

  • Mrs. Riebsomer

  • Mrs.Shepherd

  • Miss Sinkhorn

  • Mrs. McCreary and Mrs. Fields

  • Mrs. Burke

  • Mrs. Nobbe

  • Mrs. Shutes
  • Miss Whitmore

  • Mrs. Gaines

  • Mrs. Fuller

  • Mrs. Faulkenberg

  • Mrs. Isaacs

  • Mrs. Templeton

  • Miss Nibarger

  • Mrs. Richardson

  • Mr. Messerschmidt

  • Mr. Newkirk

  • Mrs. Judd

  • Mrs. Hobbs

  • Mr. Sanchez

  • Special Education Dept.

Shining Stars
  • Rockin Readers

    These students were recognized for their fabulous
     work as Rockin' Readers during summer 2015.
    Left to right:  Shawn, Tyler, Taylor, Michaela, Anthony

Upcoming Events
January 4-15

NWEA Testing
Grade 2

January 20th

Gleaners Food Truck

4-6 p.m. at Expo Hall

January 29th

Achievement Celebration

K-2 10:00 a.m.

3-6   1:30 p.m.

January 25th - Febuary 12th
Parent/Teacher Conferences
 for Select Students Only
Frazee Pledge




I am a proud student at Frazee Elementary School.
I will act in such a way that I will be proud of myself
   And others will be proud of me, too
I will come to school to learn, and I WILL learn.
       I will have a good day!



Super Bowl

Frazee 3rd graders, Silas and Garrett are
 letting everyone know who they believe
 will be the Super Bowl champions:
Denver Broncos or Carolina Panthers

Thank you!

Thank you, Miss Sinkhorn
for all you do for Frazee's
staff and students!
 You are worth a million!


Wonderful Frazee parent volunteers!
 We are thankful for your help on
 popcorn Friday's!

Fall Fun

Mrs. Strong working hand over
hand on a fall fine motor craft
with a student in the learning
 lab at Frazee yesterday

Interactive Writing

Mrs. Pennington working on an interactive
 writing lesson with students in the learning lab.

Team Challenge

Frazee art instructor, Miss Stanley,
 teaches 4th grade Team Challenge
students how to create Kirigami.

The Ned Show

Ned and friends visit Frazee students
 to teach the importance of working hard
 to be a great student, friend and how
to do cool yo-yo tricks!

New Heights Church

A big thank you goes to Frazee's Education
 Partner, New Heights Church, for
providing lunch for our entire staff.
We appreciate all you do for us!


Frazee STAFF takes back the
trophy in the annual kickball game
against the 6th grade students!


Our Frazee Jumpstart crew and
our "OZ-SOME" work


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Our Mission:

The mission of Frazee Elementary School is to provide quality research based instruction in an environment which is safe, harmonious,
and conducive to learning that enables a diverse population to become independent, productive citizens, and lifelong learners
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