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Rolling out the Red Carpet for Education

Your Childs a "Star" at Frazee Elementary School and we want them to have an award winning year. 

Here are tips to help them succeed:

1. Make sure your child gets enough sleep

2. Make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast

3. Get your child to school on time

4. Show interest in your child's school work

and check agendas each night

5. Have a study area free from distractions

6. Attend Parent Teacher Conferences and Family nights

Rolling out the Red Carpet for Education

Rolling Out The Red Carpet for Education

Meet the Cast and Crew
  • Miss Whitmore's Class

  • Mr. Newkirk's Class

  • Mrs. Smith's Class

  • Mrs. Shute's Class

  • Mrs. Gaines' Class

  • Mrs. Fuller's Class

  • Mrs. Hobb's Class

  • Mrs. Riebsomer's Class

  • Miss Corum's Class

  • Miss Nibarger's Class

  • Mr. Sanchez's Class

  • Mrs. Judd's Class

  • Miss Pelsor's Class

  • Mr. Thompson

  • Mrs. Smith

  • Mrs. Miller

  • Mrs. Hendrickson

  • Miss Corum

  • Miss Pelsor

  • Mrs. Riebsomer

  • Mrs.Shepherd

  • Miss Sinkhorn

  • Mrs. McCreary and Mrs. Fields

  • Mrs. Burke

  • Mrs. Nobbe

  • Mrs. Shutes
  • Miss Whitmore

  • Mrs. Gaines

  • Mrs. Fuller

  • Mrs. Faulkenberg

  • Mrs. Isaacs

  • Mrs. Templeton

  • Miss Nibarger

  • Mrs. Richardson

  • Mr. Messerschmidt

  • Mr. Newkirk

  • Mrs. Judd

  • Mrs. Hobbs

  • Mr. Sanchez

  • Special Education Dept.

Shining Stars
  • Rockin Readers

    These students were recognized for their fabulous
     work as Rockin' Readers during summer 2015.
    Left to right:  Shawn, Tyler, Taylor, Michaela, Anthony

Upcoming Events
April 14

School Board Meeting

April 17

3rd Grade Grand Battle of the Books
 with F.C.
at F.C. Gym 10:00 a.m.

April 17

4th Grade Class Battle of the Books

April 15-24

NWEA Testing Grades K-2
April 15th through April 24th

April 22

Gleanors Food Truck 4-6  Roberts Park Pavilion

April 23

 “Night of the Arts”
 K-2 Spring Musical 10:00 and 6:00

April 24

Achievement Celebration
K-2 12:30
3-6 1:30

April 24

4th Grade Grand Battle of the Books
 F.C. at Frazee Gym 10:00 a.m.

April 27

Colt’s Blue

April 30

PTO Collects Box Top Labels

April 30- May 17

2014 ISTEP+ Multiple Choice On-Line Testing Grades 3-6

Frazee Pledge




I am a proud student at Frazee Elementary School.
I will act in such a way that I will be proud of myself
   And others will be proud of me, too
I will come to school to learn, and I WILL learn.
       I will have a good day!




Frazee STAFF takes back the
trophy in the annual kickball game
against the 6th grade students!


Our Frazee Jumpstart crew and
our "OZ-SOME" work


Click above to access
your student's grades.

My School Bucks

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prepay for your child's meals.


Photo Gallery Transitions
Our Mission:

The mission of Frazee Elementary School is to provide quality research based instruction in an environment which is safe, harmonious,
and conducive to learning that enables a diverse population to become independent, productive citizens, and lifelong learners
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